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Phillip V. - Parent

In our opinion, WBBL has the most comprehensive basketball program available. We believe your program rivals ANY other, including those “intense” one-off events and week long camps. Your off season training program produces results. After one season with your program, Ethan was not only able to make, but also start on the middle school's JV team (as a Sixth Grader), and finished his first season with 98 points on the board. We thoroughly enjoy being part of the off season training program. The coaches and staff are professional, knowledgeable, and create trusting relationships with the players and parents. The facilities are excellent, and well equipped, which keeps the “on ball” time for each player at a maximum. We are looking forward to being back in your program again this spring.

David B. - Parent (LaFollette)

“I love your program and the people you have in place are there for all the right reasons. The program has helped my son in every aspect of the game.  His ball handling, shooting and passing improved TREMENDOUSLY.  The instructors are dedicated and experienced and my son loved every moment.  I would recommend the program to kids of ALL ages and skills.”  

Kirby L. III - Student

WBBL off season training gave me the opportunity to improve on the fundamentals that advanced my mental game."

Camo S. - Student

I loved the off season basketball program to improve my basketball skills and hopefully reach my goal of making my middle school team."

Bo S. - Parent

The structured disciplined atmosphere was great for improving my son's basketball skills. I appreciate that the sessions were not "playtime" but serious instruction on skill development and the work ethic required to have meaningful improvement. A great introduction to how he will be 'coached' in middle school and high school."

Samantha C. - Parent of two players

The off-season skills training sessions have really been a huge part of their growth and develpoment on and off the court. Thanks."




Wayne Chism Camps Print E-mail

Wayne Chism Camps

Fun and Motivational ONE Day Camps

Learn the game of Basketball from UT's Winningest Player ever.

Wayne will be back in town from playing in the Phillipines.


July 22, 23 & 24

Tues, Wed and Thur


Discounts available for three day package, and for players in

WBBL May Development Classes (to get May Development discount register lower on website).

Chism Basketball Camp
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Classes, Games, Chism Camp options
Chism Day(s) if enrolling
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Development and Games

will be offered every month thru September

Attend one month, expect a large improvement

Attend multiple months, expect huge improvements 


KAEC - Knoxville Adaptive Education Center

5719 Kingston Pike

For Additional Information call 258-3786


Offseason Development Description:

 A Proven Program for Successful Basketball Skills



Ages 6-11

6-7:00 pm


Become a strong dribbler, be able to  shoot accurately in a game,  throw passes that find your teammates, and learn how to practice to make yourself a real basketball player.




Ages 9-14

7-8:00 pm

What does it take to make the school team? Correct shot arc, accuracy, quick shot, and shot range. Advanced “euro” passes.  Unblockable layups. Whole court vision.  Strong with ball.  Controlled stops. Coachability.



Ages 10-16

8-9:00 pm

How to be special to coaches and teammates. Make 2 defend you.  Controlled stops, strong with ball, dribble out of pressure, and 3pt range.  Knowing all the rules, unflappable, dedication to a goal, enlisting others to help you,  advanced communication, and leadership.




Pick two nights per week (Any 8 nights per month) that work for you.

Classes are every Tues, Wed and Thurs

$100 a month/8 classes



Pick one night per week (Any 4 nights per month) that work for you.

Classes are every Tues, Wed and Thurs

$60 a month/4 classes


Saturday League Games:


Ages 7-17

Players guaranteed 3 quarters per game.



One game a week, if enrolled in Offseason Development.

$40 a month/4 games



One game a week, not enrolled in Offseason Development.

$65 a month/4 games



This year's new 4.0 version of WBBL Offseason Development is an update to our proven program for BIG positive Changes in Players' skills and habits.  We improve basketball players.  We teach the most modern basketball skills, in a fun-paced and hard-working environment.


Core Belief:  If our young athletes learn to PASSIONATELY LOVE A CHALLENGE, and take on challenges with the right tools and confidence, they can accomplish great things.


The WBBL Teaches:

  • Work attitude, the spirit and gusto that you apply when you are on your mission.
  • Incremental Improvement is the "secret", (NOT "you are good at..."), to imbedding the calm confidence that you win, every day, simply by working consistently on the right things and LOVING challenges.
  • Not comparing self with others.
  • Communication, Leading, Following - Reminding, Supporting, and Encouraging the others that surround you.
  • Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.
  • Toughness is a skill that can be practiced and improved upon like all other skills.
  • Concentrate on effort and execution, results will take care of themselves.

West Bearden Basketball League

 also offers a

Fall Rec League

October - February


For Boys and Girls ages 5 to 14

 Boys ages 15-18

The highest value basketball experience in Knoxville

Saturday Games                             Composure

Large Gyms                                  Respect

Sportsmanship Emphasis                   Responsibility

Well-Controlled Games                     Team Work

All Skill Levels                       Self-Discipline

Great Competition                      Concentration

Dedicated Staff                        Positive Attitude