WBBL Basketball Season | Nov-Feb

The WBBL Season is about to begin! Over 1,000 players each season makes for great games.

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Preseason Instruction | Sep-Oct

For players of every level to get ready for the regular season, lessons run from Labor Day until mid-October.

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Offseason Development | Mar-Aug

This program transforms basketball players in the off season. Every player improves every month!

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Passion | Confidence | Positive Attitude | Fun

West Bearden Basketball League | Youth Basketball in Knoxville, Tennessee

The Latest from WBBL

San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs spur us on

In the last two seasons, the San Antonio Spurs have played the best basketball that we have ever seen, and it is a culmination of working consistently at the right things for 17 years. Every SAS player moves constantly to help the team, every player makes great passes, players on the bench are always helping […]

WBBL Goals

  • To help youths grow in athletic skill, conditioning and self-confidence
  • To show that, regardless of your skill level, if you concentrate on the court you can make plays for a basketball team
  • To help youths learn from basketball:
    • Teamwork
    • Self-Discipline
    • Sportmanship
    • Positive Attitude
    • Composure
    • Dignity
    • Respect
    • Responsibility